Friday, December 30, 2011

5 Things

          First let me say, that I love my child more than anything.  I accept who he is and where we are on this journey of autism.  I am human though, and there are moments when I get aggravated, frustrated, or just need a break.  I am so thankful for my family and friends and for all the wonderful teachers and therapists on my son’s team.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  For this post, I thought I’d pay homage to five little things that have helped save my sanity over the past five years when I thought I might have my own little meltdown.  You may judge me for this, but just try to have a sense of humor :)

     1. Sun chips – any flavor

Dear Sun chips,
Thank you for being the only food my son has consistently eaten since he began eating solid food.  Your crunchy deliciousness has saved me when I had nowhere else to turn.  I believe you and you alone are responsible for keeping my son alive during July of 2009.  I can pronounce all of your ingredients and somehow that makes me feel like a better mom.  Thanks.

 2. Baby Einstein DVD’s 

Dear Baby Einstein DVD’s,
Sure some people think you are annoying or I’ve heard even harmful, but you have come to my rescue several times.  You are the only thing my son will always watch even now at the age of 5, and I suspect for many more years to come.  Thank you for giving me the ability to take a shower without fearing I will find something awful when I get out.  You give me the security of knowing that for at least 15 minutes my boy will be occupied and not in danger.  I appreciate you.

3. Bravo TV

Dear Bravo TV,
Thank you for your endless programming of mindless reality shows.  While all of these “realities” are far different than mine, and the mere mention of the words “real housewives” make my husband shudder, I enjoy you.  Sometimes after a stressful day, it is nice to turn off my mind, and have my only worry be if Jill and Bethenny will ever be friends again.  Thanks guys.

4. Coffee

Dear Coffee,
Excuse me, what?  You mean, I still have to go to work after only sleeping for 2 hours last night?  No problem, I’ve got you.  You always give me something to look forward to in the morning, even after an awful night.  For this, I thank you.

 5. My husband (Sorry, I had to go and get all mushy on you guys.)

Dear Husband,
Thank you for…well… everything.  You often get overlooked and don’t get acknowledged for all you do for us.  You are one awesome dad and husband and we are lucky to have you.  Ok, enough with the love fest.

So, thanks to all of you for helping me out over the last five years.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Cheers!

Moms – what are some little things that have helped you maintain your sanity?

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