Monday, March 5, 2012

What's wrong with being weird?

This blog post is about being “weird.”   Grape Jelly on Pizza, which is another great autism mom blog that I follow, brought to my attention that a young man is being teased because he is 'weird'. She is joining forces with other bloggers to share in posting about their own 'weirdness' for him. A few other great autism blogs are also sharing their “weirdness”, Homestyle Mama with a side of autism, One Tired Mama, Ancora Impartial, and Parenting with Asberger’s Syndrome.  I decided to jump on the train and write about my weirdness too. I don’t care who you are; you’ve got something weird about you.  Everyone does!  And guess what, that’s ok!  We need to bring back the days where being a little weird is cool.  What is weird anyway?  Kids tease each other for everything even if it really isn’t weird.  Why would you want to be the same as everyone else? 
Being weird is part of my daily life. I am a musician and a preschool music teacher. What do people usually automatically think about musicians?  You got it, weird.  I sing, play guitar, jump and dance around with kids all day long.  Some people might think this is weird.  I think it’s kinda fun.  While it can be exhausting and sometimes I just don’t feel like it, it’s better than sitting at a desk all day long!  My husband and I have kids music cd’s and play at kid’s birthday parties, and other events.  We are like the nerdy music teacher couple on Saturday night live.  Again, some might think this is weird. Some people have even hinted around to me that they think my son has autism because my husband and I are both musicians.  Weirdoes. 
My face was huge in France!
Let me give you one example how my weirdness paid off.  I was in an all girl folk band a few years ago.  No, we weren’t famous or anything.  Yes, we slept in a bar apartment one night and played to a crowd of like 5 people.  But, one time we were asked to play at a festival in France.  For thousands of people.  My face was on a jumbo tron and we were treated like royalty.  It was a trip of a lifetime.  A free trip for being kind of weird. 
Of course, being a musician is not my only weirdness.  My bottom teeth are crooked, I can be loud and obnoxious, but I really don’t like being the center of attention. I get embarrassed really easily, and am kind of a shy, nervous person.  I’m scared of the dark and don’t like to be alone.  I feel guilty about everything and worry all the time if I have hurt someone else’s feelings.  I love to dance.  I dance and sing around my house and even make up dances.  I taught an exercise class once called “Just Dance.”  Okay, I’ll stop.  There are many more things, but I’m sure you think I’m weird enough now.  Go ahead share something that is weird about you!
My old band "The Figs." Love those girls.


  1. AWESOME post! I'm loving all the solidarity among our community.

    Cool pic of The Figs!

    ~ Carrie :)

  2. Thank you for showing your weirdness!!

  3. i too have lots of weird things, but the weirdest one is that i am TERRIFIED of balloons! i can't stand to blow them up or touch them and I honestly don't even like being in the same room as them!

  4. Love it Les! I agree balloons are scary :)

  5. Your weird dance class fed my soul while I lived a hermited life writing my dissertation. Thank you for being weird. I am weird for many great reasons, one of my totally superficial weirdness elements is this larger than life cranium I have. Although not noticeable to the human eye, it is very noticeable when the batting helmets don't fit and you go up to bat with the ear guards above the ears... At the age of 9-12.... The formative years where I learned to not take things personally when they were things out of my control. Xoxox to the beckster

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