Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Might Be An Autism Parent If...

I've seen lists like this before and I thought it would be fun to write one of my own.  This list pertains to my family, but I'm sure some of you can relate...

You might be an autism parent if…

1.  You are ecstatic when your child tries a new food, only to have them not eat it again 3 days later.

2.  You are the only parent at the playground not sitting down and visiting while your child plays. You have to watch him every second.

3.  You are very familiar with the wet noodle move, where your child goes limp and falls to the floor, and won't move a muscle.  This usually happens in public, and you literally have to scrape them off the floor while strangers look at you in awe.

4.  Going to the grocery store alone is more relaxing than your last family vacation.

5. You still leave your house with a bag full of diapers, snacks, and toys anytime you go anywhere, even though your child is no longer a baby.

6. You learn to function on very little sleep.

7. You have seen “Finding Nemo” 1 million times.

8. You see a box of latex gloves while walking through the store and you want to buy them because you know how much your child loves playing with them.

9. You say things like, "Please don't lick your violin."

10. You attempt normal family outings, and when they go well, you feel like you won the lottery.

11. You will literally do ANYTHING to get your child to look at you.

12. You say things like, "Please don't play in the ant pile."

13. Your child sings Christmas songs and “Happy Birthday” all year long, but you don't mind because you're so happy to hear their voice.

14. Your child is fascinated by hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, but hates leaf blowers.

15.  You wish you could take away your child's pain and frustration.

16. You love your child fiercely and will stand up and advocate for him always.

 17.  Sometimes, you just feel lonely. You wish more people understood.  You wish people would accept your child for who they are.   You wish they could see the beauty that you see.

There’s my list for now. Please feel free to add your own!

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  1. I can so relate! My son with Autism is now 17 and has outgrown many of the behaviors he had when he was first diagnosed. But I still am very protective, think about details no one else does, have to plan ahead, etc. etc.

    When he was little he wore his Mickey ears from Disneyland for years. I didn't think it was weird then, but when I look at pictures now I cringe. :) He also believed he was Woody from Toy Story and wore a cowboy outfit everywhere for a long time, too.

    You are a great mom and your son is blessed to have you!